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Anarchy Park


Step right up to the most chaotic carnival you've ever seen: Anarchy Park! Dive into a frantic fusion of isometric exploration and intense bullet-hell action.

In Anarchy Park, every twist and turn offers unpredictable challenges as you venture through a zany amusement park that's as dangerous as it is delightful. With a vibrant world painted in shades of madness, this isn't your typical day at the fair. Instead of sweet memories, you'll face four formidable bosses, each with their own unique styles and tricks up their sleeves.

Beyond the bullet hell mayhem, players will explore an amusement park searching high and low for 10 elusive stars, if you manage to collect them all, you'll be rewarded with a silly prize to add to the adventure.

Developed over 10 months with a dedication to challenge and precision, Anarchy Park provides players with a concise 2-5 hour adventure that packs a punch. Every moment in this park is meticulously crafted to test your skills, ensuring every victory feels earned.

What sets Anarchy Park apart is its distinctive 3D shooting system – a feature seldom seen in isometric or top-down shooters. As you weave through a hailstorm of bullets and chaos, you'll need more than just quick reflexes; precision aiming and strategic planning are essential. Engage with enemies in three-dimensional space, challenging players to aim, shoot, and dodge in ways they've never done before.

So, are you up for the challenge? Do you have the grit and gumption to survive the wild rides of Anarchy Park? Step in, take aim, and let the mayhem begin!

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10+
  • CPU (Processor): Intel Core i5-12600K
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free disk space: 1 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 1060

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