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Approaching Infinity


Take command of your ship and crew as you explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, and other dangerous locations. Find, buy, and sell commodities, equipment, and mysterious artifacts. Defend yourself against aggressive space pirates and hungry planetary denizens. Complete quests for profit, or to change the very power structure of the galaxy!

  • Infinite Universe in Bite-Size Pieces: Manageable maps keep you from getting lost. Play for a few minutes or a few hours!
  • Infinite Gear: Unlimited weapons, equipment, and powers to find, buy, and craft.
  • Infinite Death: Monsters and black holes and ion storms and decompression and genocidal aliens and diseases and cave-ins and fire and laser-gates and acid-swamps and...
  • Emergent Gameplay: Immobilize an enemy with a tangler grenade and let the nearby killer bunnies finish them off. Call to your allies for help in space combat. Use smoke to blind foes. Destroy the wall of a shipwreck and blow everything into space!
  • Multiple Unique Victories: Find the Amulet of Yendor. Become the conscience of a robotic civilization. Avenge humanity or befriend their overthrowers. Destroy the universe?!
  • Play how you want: with or without perma-death, choose your difficulty and "cheat" modes. Follow any path you want, and change your playstyle as you go.

And the universe is infinite...

There is no limit to how much you can explore, and no level cap. You can die in less than a minute, or win in about 3 hours (if you focus). Common game length is between 7 hours and 3 days. It all depends on you...

Okay, but what is the game actually like?

  • Customize your ship, captain, class, and skill. Set difficulty and special modes.
  • Check out your starting quests.
  • Explore space. Scan planets. Hail alien vessels.
  • Land on a planet, pick up some resources, fight or avoid the local life forms. Try desperately not to run out of oxygen. Find a clue! Return to your ship with the surviving crew (if any).
  • Locate the space station before your ship runs out of supplies. Sell your loot. Buy new weapons, devices, and crafting parts. Find paying work.
  • Explore the rest of the area and take the warp point to sector 2, 3, 10, 51, 237, INFINITY!
  • Complete your starter quests.
  • Level up your captain. Hire more officers. Get lots of skills.
  • Get better stuff.
  • Accept new quests from the 12 major alien races. Discover some factions that nobody knows about...
  • Survey planets. Learn to craft. Find an artifact. Take over a shipwreck. Make some enemies.
  • Face tougher challenges.
  • Die
  • Learn
  • Win.
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