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Astra Hunter Zosma


The secrets and treasures of ancient civilizations have long eluded the Astra Hunters: a guild of explorers-for-hire tasked with uncovering the world's greatest riches. And Zosma is the greatest Astra Hunter of them all! Or at least he wishes, were he not ranked dead last as always.

What seems like a routine attempt to uncover more about Zosma's favorite adventuring ground becomes the beginning of a grand adventure as he plummets for miles to what should have been certain death! With no way up back to the surface except through the daunting Crescent Moon Tower, Zosma may just find his greatest discoveries ever... and get some help from a mysterious animal companion along the way!

Unleash the power of teamwork, collect valuables, and solve the mystery of the Crescent Moon Tower in this RPG adventure!

Astra Hunter Zosma is a short treasure-hunting RPG with a focus on dungeon exploration and a blossoming friendship between a buddy duo! Collect treasure as you climb the Crescent Moon Tower to help make Zosma the greatest Astra Hunter upon his return home!

  • An RPG adventure with many special treasures to collect!
  • Classic turn-based combat that you know and love.
  • A combo-based battle system: Zosma can act multiple times per turn and chain abilities together to steadily increase their power, and even increase the effects of items.
  • A companion helper with a customizable move set.
  • Give your buddy a boost in battle by feeding them yummy treats!
  • Equip class-inspired Sigils such as Warrior, Cleric, and more to change what moves Zosma has at his disposal.
  • Discover and unleash powerful Astra abilities with the help of your companion!
  • An optional dungeon that continuously expands as the story progresses. Dive deep to find even greater challenges and treasure to collect!
  • Fully custom sound and visuals, and a stellar custom soundtrack!
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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU (Processor): Intel Core i3-4340 @ 3.60GHz
  • Free disk space: 350 MB
  • Dedicated Video Memory (VRAM): 1 GB

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