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Daisho: Survival of a Samurai


Daisho: Survival of a Samurai is an Action RPG with casual survival game mechanics and big village-building possibilities. You'll experience a new type of survival game with quests, continuous open world progression, monthly events and your dumb ways to die not harming your fun level.

? Survival Games, casualized

Chop every tree, hunt rabbits and deer, stone and copper mining - resource management are a staple of every survival game, and Daisho is no different. However, we threw away the hunger games in favor of a replenishing stamina pool so you can start every game session on exploration instead of just preventing yourself from dying.

?️ Build your own Japanese village estate

From setting up your first camp to building an entire Japanese village, you'll be pretty busy making a home for yourself and all the rescued souls that turn up to settle as workers. Manage their resource refining jobs, build houses and beautify the city with fountains and other decor.

⚔️ Carry a big stick (mind the pointy end)

Craft your weaponry from a selection of clubs, katanas, bows, spears and more. Upgrade them to make pointy ends even more pointy, embellish your craft with gems and their attributes, and poke around at the Shogun armies, bandit bosses and other generally unfriendly folk.

?️ Explore Japan and its dungeons

Dive into dark medieval history and unravel the story of Oda Nobunaga, known as the great Japanese unifier; lead the siege to the stronghold of Kyoto, or rebuild the ancient estates and temples around Mount Fuji. Learning about history has never been more fun!

? Enjoy Seasonal Events

Keep coming back for freshly designed seasonal events as they happen. Missed one? Don't worry, we've put them into your game progression and keep them fresh every year.

? Put Japan in your pocket

Not at home? Experience Daisho: Survival of a Samurai on your phone or Steam Deck, fully optimized for the mobile gaming experience. And we're working to make your savegame available fully cross-platform.

And many more features to come:
Events ⭐ Quests ⭐ Talent Trees ⭐ Coop Building⭐ Mini Games ⭐ Achievements ⭐ Dojo PVP Leaderboards ⭐ Guilds & Chat

As developers of Daisho: Survival of a Samurai, we hope you enjoy our casual approach to the Survival RPG genre. We are always happy to get in touch directly with our players and gather feedback - hop onto our Discord: ?

Thanks and have fun surviving!

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