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Dark Maidens Steam


StoryAs a knight of the Church, Sir Galahad receives a mission to exterminate a group of demons. Through this perilous journey, Galahad will question himself and his faith. Will he obey the orders given to him, or will he fight for the affection of the Dark Maidens?!GameplayDark Maidens is a side scrolling action game where you fight through hordes of enemies to test your metal against the strongest of foes. The game offers an advanced combat system in which you can light attack, heavy attack, block, fake out, and dodge. The same goes for your enemies however. Do not expect an easy win as the in-game enemies fight back hard.

  • 4 Fierce Fully Voiced Bosses
  • 3 Maps
  • 3 Types of Minions
  • Fully Voiced Story
  • 2.5D Animations
  • Adaptable Difficulty
  • Wavemode

      Also contains a wave mode where you can fight enemies nonstop. Prove you are the strongest and make it to the top of the leaderboard!

    Adaptable Gameplay

      Adjust the game difficulty to your liking with 5 difficulty settings ranging from ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Very Hard’. Whether you're a hardcore brawler or casual gamer, you can have loads of fun!

    Meet the Cast


        Abigale is a devout follower of the Church who was given orders to keep watch over Galahad and keep his sword loyal to their cause. Though she and Galahad have fought together side by side in the past, she has a cold disdain towards Galahad for having so little faith in the Church.


        Once she was a part of the Church, but ever since she was turned into a vampire, she’s been reviled and hunted by crusaders and witch hunters. She still has kept a playful personality despite her past. That is mainly because she has never found the crusaders to be much of a problem because of her skill with a scythe as well as having vampire strength. She is very confident in her fighting skills and is very enthusiastic about finding Galahad, her new play thing.


        Of the three sisters in arms, she is the eldest of them. She was born into the world a demon and ever since has been reviled as one. She’s not fond of outsiders, especially those related to the Church. So it’s no wonder that Galahad and Slan really don’t get along when they first meet.


        Gila used to be an inquisitor for the Church. She made many a wretched soul pour their hearts out and repent for their actions against the Church. Gila is incredibly sadistic and very much enjoyed her duties, however because of her maniacal and chaotic tendencies to go...lets say...a little crazy, she herself fell under inquisition, accused of being possessed by the devil. She underwent the tortures she herself had inflicted on others and because of that became blind in one eye. She however managed to escape from the Church’s clutches and now turns her blade against her former comrades who did her wrong. She definitely has a hard time trusting anybody, including her newfound sisters in arms and fights with them...a lot.


        Despite not having any faith, Galahad like many had little choice but to be conscripted by the Church to fight in the Holy Wars. Though he achieved great feats in battle, he never was able to raise his rank because of his lack of faith. So he spent his days serving under his commander, Lady Abigale. Now having traveled far out of the Church's domain, will Galahad continue down the burning path of righteous blood and honor laid out for him by the Church, or will he take up the sword and fight for himself and forge his own path?

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    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 10
    • CPU (Processor): i5 7200u
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Free disk space: 1 GB
    • Video card: HD 620

    Recommended Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 10
    • CPU (Processor): Ryzen 3200G
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Free disk space: 1 GB
    • Video card: Vega 8

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