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Diggles: the Myth of Fenris


DIG*GLE (n): an underground dwelling dwarf whose main function is to mine resources, harvest mushrooms and bat the enemies to survive. They are hardworking, but enjoy leisure time activities such as bowling, the disco, a trip to the pub and perpetuating the species. The Diggles dynasty has been chosen by Godfather Odin to rid the world of Fenris, the hound of hell.


Odin made sure no Diggle is the same. Develop each of them with a varied set of skills and combat techniques so you can grow your clan. Give Diggles some free time, make sure they are fed and entertained and soon your tunnels will be full of angry babies. But don’t get too comfortable - there are other unique clans down there.


Make sure your clan has everything it needs in your new colony. With over 50 production sites to master, you will be busy exploring the technology tree, crafting with 20 production tools, and gathering seven different resources.


Snarky Diggles always end up in some story. Watch for yourself - all quests are featuring hand-crafted cutscenes full of humor, dwarfy attitude, and their gnomish problems. There are many stories to be told in more than 40 quests. Digging into the mud was never this fun.


We are happy to bring back to life the story of Diggles (or Wiggles, or Гномы - depending on localization that is closer to your gamer's heart). The game received its portion of technical care and now runs on modern operating systems without any extra shenanigans. The story, visuals, and gameplay are untouched - with all its charm and flaws. Enjoy playing the game on Windows 7 or later, without legacy DRM, no FPS lock, and with few extra DirectX11 settings.

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