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Malfunction 2


Malfunction II follows the events immediately after Malfunction I. Featuring a beloved character from the first game; Dwenguil. You'll once again step into his shoes as he's awoken on an inescapable mysterious planet (Isolate Chasm) which has been long overtaken by the Plague. However. The Plague aren't quite the same as they once were. The Plague has evolved exponentially and are planning an escape from the Isolate Chasm; potentially causing a huge threat to the entire universe. Dwenguil must yet again strategize a solution to stopping the Plague- for good this time.

Malfunction II will keep the formula you know and love (puzzles, exploration, combat) and improve upon it. Featuring new character modes, new combat techniques, new lush environments to explore, and MANY new puzzles to overcome. Malfunction II is by far the biggest and most innovative project that Barlock Games has ever made.

  • 7 Levels:

    Malfunction II's story will feature quite a lot of environments. From snow forests, caves and abandoned Pound facilities, to icey rivers and decrepit stone villages; Malfunction II was built from the ground up for exploration and immersion.

  • 6 Side Missions:

    Malfunction II's side missions takes the already robust experience of the story and expands upon it; Featuring brand new environments, puzzles and combat scenarios.

  • 6 Regions:

    Malfunction II explores something entirely new; Regions. Regions will act as an explorable overworld scattered with various objectives that must be completed in order to progress the story. Many of these objectives will expand and introduce many new environments and scenarios along the journey.

  • Intel Database:

    Explore throughout the Isolate Chasm's depths and collect intel which dives deep into Malfunction's evergrowing universe.

  • 20 Steam achievements

    From easy to complex tasks, earn some achievements along the way!

  • NEW and better ways to play:

    Malfunction II features easier and much more intuitive core mechanics that'll not only improve on the original but also bring new ideas to the table. Featuring instant mode switching & entirely NEW modes that'll help you navigate the environments around you.

  • Accessibility:

    Malfunction II will take everything from the first game and make it both easier and more accessible to simply jump in and enjoy the experience. Some of the most notable features include: Faster and intuitive menus & interchangeable options so that you can play by your preference! Such as key bindings, various game options and proper camera control!

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU (Processor): 2.0 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Free disk space: 200 MB

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