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Gemini: Binary Conflict RU


‘Gemini: Binary Conflict’ is a multiplayer, class based, first person shooter set in the midst of an interplanetary war. The game features a colourful visual style, unconventional weaponry, equipment, armour, class roles and modes, to provide a subtle mix of familiar and unusual game mechanics.

Sling black holes at each other and slice enemies in half! Rebound projectiles around the corner and take down snot pelting gunships - or get shoved around by giant robots; to name but a few of the features. With up to 16 player PvP, 5 player Coop or even just offline play with full AI bot support, there's something for everyone when it comes to a battle arena shooter.


Gemini takes places in an ongoing battle between two alien species; the Avians (a bird-like species) occupying the original home world, with their distant cousins, the Trivexians (a reptile species) colonising and inhabiting its planetary twin.

Both worlds originally had temperate climates with resources to spare, and while the Avians managed to maintain and protect their biosphere, the Trivexians could not; thus following a climate catastrophe their world was reduced to an arid, near lifeless desert. Now they fight an ongoing war over resources, and you the player, must pick a side and fight across a variety of environments and battle types, amidst the biomes of the two distinct planets.


  • Fully supports both multiplayer and singleplayer. Every gamemode functions with AI bots and can be played both with others or solo. Play your way.
  • A variety of PvP gamemodes, including classic TDM and FFA, but also the unique gamemode ‘Warpath’; aided by an army of AI androids, destroy and acquire enemy bases while defending your own. Each base has a core that when destroyed allows that base to be captured, as well as unlocking access to attack the next base. Players can also build support structures and defences to protect their bases core, including turrets, barricades, generators and dispensers.
  • A Co-op gamemode 'Holdout'; defend an objective from progressively difficult waves of enemies and boss fights. It's not endless, however; acquire enough repair modules throughout the waves and fully repair your base to succeed! Support modules are also acquired from boss waves, allowing you to build defences and upgrades for your team, such as sentry turrets, friendly super androids or HP/damage boosters to assist in combatting the onslaught to come.
  • Highly advanced AI bot support. Bots can do everything players do; they can customise themselves, equip and use any weapon, armour set and equipment in the game, capture and protect objectives, buy and repair structures, make decisions, take flank routes, and more!
  • Player class system. Gemini has five distinct classes; Hunter, BioTech, Enforcer, Ranger and Knight, each with their own unique set of abilities and weapons, and being individually customisable in any way you like. Each class has a specific archetype with multiple play styles depending on the load-outs you equip them with.
  • XP / Unlock system; allowing players to individually level up their classes, unlock armour cosmetics and weapon / equipment sidegrades as they progress in-game. Progression also functions both online and offline, meaning you will always be progressing no matter what, even if you're playing on the go with no internet access.
  • A deep player customisation system, allowing expressive variety in-game. Players have a variety of ways to change their appearance with multiple options for setting a player's colours and armour combinations. All armour is also fully modular, allowing you to mix and match with every part of your character!
  • Advanced armour destruction system. Armour is both fully customisable, but also dynamically protects various regions of your body; leaving head, chest or individual limbs exposed independently when destroyed, with visual feedback from each.
  • Gore system (which can be disabled in settings if preferred). Not only is armour dynamically destructible, but also players. Limbs and preset chunks can be dismembered and blown off of players, making slaughtering your enemy in combat extremely satisfying.
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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU (Processor): AMD FX-6300 Six-Core; Intel Core i5-3450 @ 3.10GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Free disk space: 10 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 660; Radeon HD 7870; Intel Iris Plus 640
  • DirectX Version: версии 11

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64bit)
  • CPU (Processor): AMD Ryzen 5 2600; Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Free disk space: 10 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 1060; Radeon RX 470/570
  • DirectX Version: версии 11

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